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E-signatures: An Effective Security Measure for Digital Documents

Vijith Menon
In today's fast-paced digital era, data reigns supreme, fueling businesses, guiding decisions, and permeating every facet of our lives. But here's the scenario: As you navigate…

Want to run a franchisee? Here’s how DrySign gives you a boost

Avantika Joglekar
Franchising, a game-changer in the Philippines' business arena, is reshaping how entrepreneurs define success. It's a business strategy that enables visionaries to tap into the…

How eSignatures Streamline Electronic Contract Creation

Vijith Menon
Processes are what determine the outcome of a workflow, and workflows are pivotal in ensuring that systems are operational. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many manual processes have…

DrySign: Making Your Signature Matter More than Your Initials

Vijith Menon
In a world increasingly dominated by digital transactions and electronic signatures, the traditional art of penning one's signature seems to be fading into obscurity. But make no…

DrySign: Making eSigning PDF Contracts Simple

Vijith Menon
Contracts are like promises between two parties that become official once both sides agree. These agreements are important for businesses aiming to grow, do more, or make more…

How eSignatures Help Create an Employee-centric Culture

Vijith Menon
Amidst the dynamic landscape of human resource management in the Philippines, the challenges have grown from personnel selection to remote team coordination. The emergence of the…