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Nikon and Sony are solving the Deepfake Problem Using Digital Signatures

Sushil Ghorpade
In December last year, Vladimir Putin, the current president of Russia spoke at the Annual Press Conference in Moscow. Towards the end of the event, he took questions via video…

Sealing Success: Unveiling the 4 Advantages of Electronic Signatures in Insurance

Pooja Patil
Electronic signatures have emerged as a transformative force in the insurance sector, weaving together the threads of tradition with the digital future. The industry grapples with…

Sign, Seal, Succeed: 7 Data-Backed eSignature Advantages Unveiled

Pooja Patil
In today's modern business landscape, adopting electronic signatures, commonly known as eSignatures, is a pivotal juncture where innovation intersects with practicality. This…

Fortify Your 2024 eSignature Journey with Compliance Lock

Pooja Patil
In the digital transformation era, where the pulse of commerce quickens to the beat of technological innovation, eSignatures have transcended their once-novel status to become the…

Inkless Agreements: The Journey of Digital Signatures in Business

Pooja Patil
As the vibrant archipelago of the Philippines sails through the waves of digital transformation, the way businesses conduct transactions is evolving significantly. At the…

Improving Patient Intake Forms with E-Signatures

Pooja Patil
The patient intake process has become a focal point for innovation in the healthcare landscape, marked by digital transformations and heightened patient expectations. Traditional…