Electronic Signature Solutions for the Entertainment Industry

Electronic Signature Solution for Entertainment Industry

DrySign helps the entertainment sector seamlessly collaborate with casting contractors, location rentals, and other 3rd parties to put up the perfect show

The entertainment industry is like a giant clock that comprises numerous cogs working in tandem. The successful execution of any project depends on the ability of the production house to collaborate with external vendors and contractors seamlessly.

This is where electronic signatures come into the picture. Be it signing casting contracts, location rentals, equipment rentals, or any other approvals, electronic signatures take out the inefficiencies and speed up the signing process. This ultimately saves significant time and effort, helping production houses meet deadlines. DrySign helps eliminate bottlenecks involved in traditional document signing processes securely and legally. With features like online document storage, audit trails, and multifactor authentication, DrySign is a comprehensive electronic signature platform fully compliant with Sec. 5(e) Electronic Commerce Act (Republic Act No. 8792) and certified by Entrust, a trusted certification authority enabled by public key infrastructure (PKI) technology.

DrySign applications in the Entertainment industry

  • Actor Agreements
  • Casting Contracts
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Location Rentals
  • Production Requirement Sign-Off
  • Shoot Approvals

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