Electronic Signature Solution for the IT Industry

IT Industry

DrySign provides Information Technology industries with the safety and security that is vital for their success.

Post the outbreak of COVID-19, the IT industry has been the flagbearer of the shift to remote working. All manual processes have been transformed into faster and easier digital workflows. With highly sensitive documents such as contracts, NDAs, Asset Procurements, and Infrastructure documentation, the IT industry must adopt electronic signatures as part of their current and future best practices. Using electronic signatures also allows companies to eliminate costs of mailing, faxing, and physical meet-ups for the signing of documents and contracts.

Fully compliant with Sec. 5(e) Electronic Commerce Act (Republic Act No. 8792) and certified by Entrust, a certification authority enabled by public key infrastructure (PKI) technology, DrySign offers exceptional cyber-security, eliminates logistical concerns, and improves efficiency in the IT industry.

DrySign applications in the IT industry:

  • Employee Contracts
  • Non Disclosure Agreements
  • Asset Procurement
  • Infrastructure Documentation
  • Development Release Sign-offs
  • Appraisals

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