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E-signatures for marketing and ad agencies

5 Ways Marketing and Ad Agencies Can Raise their Game Using E-signatures

Pooja Patil

With increasing inflation and the fear of impending recession, businesses are looking for ways to cut down on costs to survive the next plausible economic downturn. Naturally, marketing efforts are the first things on the chopping block when the budgets get tight. However, that might not always work. It’s not only about cutting ineffective marketing efforts but also maintaining costs on proven strategies. With that said, are you well-equipped with proven strategies or technologies that continually bring an edge to your marketing efforts?

In today’s ever-evolving corporate world, the marketing industry must ensure it works with the latest technologies to stay up-to-date, efficient, and ahead of the curve. Technical proficiency gives marketing and advertising agencies wings to thrive in the modern business era. However, despite technological advancements and marketing agencies' evolution, most still rely on partially manual or paper-based processes. With tons of responsibilities and workloads to manage simultaneously, marketing and Ad agencies shouldn’t miss out on a proven, cost-effective, and efficient technology – e-signatures. It helps streamline documentation processes, eliminating paperwork and saving countless hours, effort, and money spent on manual documentation. Here’s how embracing electronic signatures can benefit marketing and Ad agencies and how they can incorporate e-signatures in their processes.

How Can Marketing and Ad Agencies Make Use of E-Signatures?

Marketing and advertising agencies deal with numerous documents daily, such as agency contracts, freelancer agreements, creative sign-offs, and more. Automating documentation workflows using e-signatures improves the internal and external consumer experience and helps gain a competitive edge in today’s business era. Here’s how you can make use of eSignatures for your marketing or advertising agency:

  • Marketing Contracts and Agreements

A marketing contract or agreement is a legal document that defines the relationship between two parties – the client and the solution provider. To be precise, marketing contracts give a brief idea of services to be provided, total incurred costs, terms of data use, and more. Basically, it helps protect both parties involved from unforeseen trials in the future. For successful engagement between client companies and marketing services providers, legal documents play a critical role – and this is where the need for document security plays an important role.

What happens if the terms of payment or service get altered, if confidential data is stolen, or if one of the parties denies any involvement? There is no way you can get through these situations easily when manual paperwork is involved. This is where digital signatures can be the savior if any obstruction occurs. Incorporating an e-signature solution integrates end-to-end security into your documentation, helping you avoid unauthorized access or legal disputes. Furthermore, any e-signed contract or agreement can be used as proof of the transaction in a court of law. Moreover, you can also save templates for frequently needed future documents to avoid human errors.

  • Press Release Sign-off

Press releases are a crucial part of any organization’s investor relations – they are vital elements that announce the news to various stakeholders. Creating press releases and getting final sign-offs requires going through different resources and stages of internal and extra approvals. Diving through this process is not simple, especially when working with several internal teams and third-party companies. Professionals in marketing and advertising agencies can testify that too many entities are involved, making the approval process a real pain. In addition, the time constraint leads to more human errors, and posting press releases with errors can be an absolute disaster for your company.

Embracing an e-signature solution fixes this for you – you can share documents and get approvals in minutes, leaving you more time to focus on drafting an error-free copy.

  • Secure Event Registration

Irrespective of the industry, webinars are a key component for many businesses. To provide essential information, give worthy insights, provide product or service information, and a lot more – a webinar can have countless productive purposes. With webinars, the medium of communicating with prospects may have evolved, but what hasn’t changed is the importance of engagement with attendees. The more engaged you keep them with your content and strategies, the more they will be willing to invest in your brand. Marketing and advertising agencies have been using this formula for ages, but now is the time to give it a technological touch.

For all the events you organize – online or offline – registration is the heart of it. Embracing e-signatures help eliminate manual work and protect your data from unauthorized access. Get forms signed online within minutes with end-to-end security. Additionally, with electronic signatures, you can speed up workflows, provide a better experience, and close deals faster.

  • Photo and Marketing Release Forms

Marketing and advertising agencies produce tons of content on a daily basis to keep up with the ever-changing consumer choices. This requires them to use photos, videos, testimonials, and web content for marketing purposes – which cannot be done without consent. Whether you are seeking permission to reuse a photo posted online, hiring someone for a particular ad campaign, looking to add a testimonial to your website, or are willing to start a new marketing campaign, you need prior consent from the concerned entity in a format that can be used as proof of the transaction. With an apt electronic signature solution in place, you can get any of these documents or forms signed online and store them securely on the cloud. Moreover, marketing release forms can be shared and signed in minutes from anywhere and anytime, avoiding the additional time required for manual paperwork and sign-offs.

  • Invoicing

An invoice is a bill created for the client once a product or service is sold. A detailed invoice stating everything clearly, from total items to the amount a buyer owes, can help you get paid faster. In today’s fast-paced business environment, electronic invoices have become a norm. E-signature solutions allow you to securely create invoices with 100% accuracy and save the template for future reference. In addition, e-signature software provides an end-to-end secure signing experience helping you enhance the customer experience and protect confidential data from unauthorized access. Digital proposals, POs, or contracts can be shared with the finance department and e-signed in no time, ensuring payment against invoices without any delay. The ability to automate payment reminders, issue electronic invoices, collect electronic signatures, and analyze how a client interacts with an invoice can give marketing agencies an edge in delivering exceptional services.

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5 Ways DrySign E-Signatures Can Benefit Marketing and Ad Agencies

  • Minimize Expenses

    You can share, sign, and manage marketing agreements and contracts with no additional costs. You just need a DrySign plan, an internet connection, and a device to sign, send, and store any document – anytime, anywhere.

  • Track the Status

    Real-time mail trails allow you to track the real-time status of any document. Effortlessly track any document, eliminating the risk of loss or theft.

  • Increase Efficiency

    DrySign e-signatures streamline the signing processes and save time, enabling you to focus on priority work. This increases overall efficiency and minimizes potential bottlenecks.

  • Get Quicker Payments

    You can create an invoice, share it, get it signed, and store it in no time. This will not only help you get paid faster but also enhance customer relationships.

  • Establish Legal, Safe, and Secure Documentation

    DrySign e-signatures are 128-bit secured that provide end-to-end security to your marketing documentation. Moreover, it complies with global e-signature laws, including the ESIGN Act and UETA (USA), the IT Act 2000 (India), PIPEDA (Canada),eIDAS (EU), and E-Commerce Act (the Philippines), integrating end-to-end legitimacy and safety in your documentation.

Irrespective of the document type or work mode, e-signatures can work best for any marketing and advertising agency. With tons of ad campaigns rolling out every day to the countless client data, marketing paperwork can get overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to! DrySign, a leading e-signature solution provider, can help you get through your document signing workflows effectively and efficiently. Thrive in the modern business world with a wide range of features and benefits offered by DrySign’s digital signature solution. Try it for free now! Start DrySigning!

DISCLAIMER: The information on this site is for general information purposes only and is not intended to serve as legal advice. Laws governing the subject matter may change quickly, and Exela cannot guarantee that all the information on this site is current or correct. Should you have specific legal questions about any of the information on this site, you should consult with a licensed attorney in your area.

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